Adobe Premiere Pro Training in Dubai

Adobe Premiere Pro Training in Dubai

Adobe Premiere Pro Training in Dubai

Adobe Premiere Pro Training in Dubai, it is a timeline-based video editing software application developed by Adobe Systems and published as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud licensing program. First launched in 2003, Adobe Premiere Pro is a successor of Adobe Premiere. Adobe Premiere Pro CC, the important editing tool for video aficionados and professionals, is the most accessible, well-organized, and accurate video-editing tool available in the current market.

Adobe Premiere Pro Training in Dubai
Adobe Premiere Pro Training in Dubai
It supports a comprehensive range of video formats, like
  • AVCHD,
  • HDV,
  • HD and HD422
  • AVC-Intra,
  • Canon XF,
  • RED R3D,
  • Digital SLR,
  • Blackmagic CinemaDNG,
  • Avid DNxHD,
  • QuickTime and AVI files,
  • GoPro Cineform,

many more as per your requirements.

Premiere Pro provides you with work faster and more imaginatively without translating your media. The complete set of powerful and fashionable tools lets you overwhelmed any editorial, production, and workflow challenges to deliver the high-quality work you demand.

Our Course Objective:

  1. Explore file management overview.
  2. Image Set up project files.
  3. Image Open and save Premiere Pro projects.
  4. Image Learn scratch disk options.
  5. Image Configure your preferences.

Course Contents:

  1. Touring workspace Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  2. Setting Up a Project
  3. Importing Media
  4. Organizing Media
  5. Essentials of Video Editing
  6. Working with Clips and Markers
  7. Adding Transitions
  8. Advanced Editing Techniques
  9. Putting Clips in Motion
  10. Multicamera Editing
  11. Editing and Mixing Audio
  12. Sweetening Sound
  13. Adding Video Effects
  14. Color Correction and Grading
  15. Exploring Compositing Techniques
  16. Creating Titles
  17. Managing Your Projects
  18. Exporting Frames, Clips, and Sequences

What You Will Learn:

  1. Edit an entire video from beginning to end, using professional and efficient techniques.
  2. By the end of the course, youโ€™ll have edited your own short documentary using either the supplied footage (
    1. Video
    2. Clips,
    3. Photos,
    4. Graphics,
    5. Music,
  3. ), or your own footage!
  4. Start a project with the right settings for any type of video, from any camera.
  5. Edit your videos,
  6. Make them more dynamic with cutaway footage and photos.
  7. Design clean and professional titles for your videos.
  8. Add motion to your titles, photos, and videos
  9. Making them more visually interesting.
  10. Color correct your video
  11. Fix issues with white balance and exposure.
  12. Add a feeling to your video with color grading.
  13. Apply visual effects
  14. such as stabilizing shaky video,
  15. removing grain,
  16. making video more cinematic with overlays.
  17. Edit green screen footage
  18. Add backgrounds that actually look good

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  1. In Elegant Training Center this one is an educational course learned a lot of things about Video Editing within a short time. Mr. Ali was very supportive with any questions you needed to be related to Video Editing as well as for YouTube channel promotion, how to create promo, create a searchable title, caption, alt text, tags, creating playlist.

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