Hacking & Penetration Testing for website 2020

Hacking & Penetration Testing

Hacking & Penetration Testing for website 2020

Training Web Applications Hacking & Penetration Testing in contradiction of a number of real-world web applications/website.

Step are described below:

Set Up the Lab Environment for Practice Hacking & Penetration Testing.
  • Understand How Websites structure / web applications Work deeply.
  • What Technologies / Scripts are good for Website testing.
  • Using A Personal Proxy Intercepting HTTP Requests.
  • Collect Complex/education Information About the Target.
  • Understand the overall Web Applications Hacking / Websites Hacking.
  • List of the TOP 10 Web Applications / Websites Vulnerabilities and Website Related Hacking Techniques.
  • Best way of Discover and Exploit Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Vulnerabilities on website.
  • Verify Detect and Exploit Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Vulnerabilities.
  • Understand the Command Execution Vulnerabilities.
  • Explorer and Exploit SQL Injection Vulnerabilities in testing.
  • Briefly explain the detection and Exploit Script Source Code Disclosure Vulnerabilities.
  • The Most important Using Burp Suite Proxy.
  • Vega (Web App / website Vulnerability Scanner) to Scan Websites.
  • Web Vulnerability Scanner to Scan Websites.

All of your questions about ethical hacking and penetration testing!

Get A Job and secure your future as A Penetration Tester / Ethical Hacker.

Increase your skills and try to Hack and Pen Test Any Website / web application.

We Discuss about the different fields of Web Applications Hacking.


Information Technology Skills.

A Desire to Learn.

Concentration and passion to do something in life.


In this course we are going to cover all aspect of modern security purpose includes all necessary information to start your carrier in Cyber Security field. Our aims to teach you and train you how to perform good full penetration testing on web applications.



NOTE: *Educational Purposes Only*

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