Off-page SEO tips and tricks for increase rank website 2020

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO tips and tricks 2020

Off-page SEO
Off-page SEO
What is the off-page SEO?

“Off-page SEO” mentions to actions taken external of your website to impress your rankings within search engine results pages (SERPs). 

Improving for off-site ranking influences comprises improving search engine and user awareness of a site’s acceptance, relevance, trustworthiness, and authority. This is proficient by other trustworthy places on the Internet (pages, sites, people, etc.) linking to or encouraging your website, and effectively “vouching” for the quality of your content.

Why does off-page SEO matter?

While search algorithms and ranking factors are constantly changing, the consensus within the SEO community is that the relevance, trustworthiness, and authority that effective off-page SEO affords a website still play a major role in a page’s ability to rank.

Links and off-page SEO

Building backlinks is at the heart of off-page SEO. Search engines use backlinks as suggestions of the linked-to content’s quality, so a site with many high-value backlinks will usually rank better than an otherwise equal site with fewer backlinks.

There are three main types of links, definite by how they were earned: natural links, manually built links, or self-created links.

Natural links are editorially given without any accomplishment on the part of a page owner. For example, a food blogger addition a link to a post that points toward their favorite harvest farms is a natural link.

Manually built links are acquired through thoughtful link-building activities. This includes things like getting customers to link to your website or asking influencers to share your content.

Self-created links are created by practices such as the accumulation of a backlink in an online directory, forum, blog comment signature, or a press release with optimized anchor text. Some self-created link building tactics tend toward black hat SEO and are frowned upon by search engines, so tread frivolously here.

Notwithstanding how links were gotten, those that offer the greatest influence to SEO efforts are generally those that pass the most equity. Many signals positively contribute to the equity passed, such as:


1-Social networking sites
2-Social Bookmarking Sites
3-Forum Submission
4-List of high PR forums
5-Blog Directory Submission
6-Free directory submission list
7-Article Submission
8-Question and Answer
9-Video Submission
10-Image Submission
11-Infographics Submission
12-Document Sharing
13-Press Release
14-Web2.0 Submission
15-Use Google My Business

  1. Creating Shareable Content

Amazing content is always the KING in search engine optimization. Creating amazing and shareable content is a smart way of generating more and more natural backlinks to our website or blog. Research often and keep your content always fresh and updated.

  1. Influencer Outreach

If you have created any kind of content which is share-worthy, then don’t hesitate to reach out to influencers in your industry. Tell them to check your blog and ask for link backs from their blog. Make sure you get the links from completely relevant domains.

  1. Contribute as Guest Author

Several good and quality blogs are open for a guest post from various authors. Write an amazing research piece and reach them with the content for the guest post. Don’t focus on the number of links but rather focus only on quality links. Also, don’t keep posting multiple times on the same guest blog site.

  1. Social Media Engagement

A major Off-page SEO technique is social media engagement. If you want to make your business, website, or blog popular, engage with people on multiple social media platforms. Social media presence will help grow your business and also help you get more backlinks.


Top social networking sites


S.No      Social Networking Sites  DA          PA

1               97          

2          96          

3                94          

4           94          

5         93          

  1. Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites are one of the best platforms to promote your website. When you bookmark your webpage or blog post on popular social bookmarking websites, you gain high traffic to your webpage or blog.

Popular and high PR Bookmarking Websites

S.No      Social bookmarking sites              DA          PA

1    90           90

2             90           76

3                  93           81

4                  89           73

5               87           75

  1. Forum Submission

Participate in search forums that are related to your website and business and make a connection with that community. Reply to threads, answer people’s questions, and give your suggestions and advice. Make use of “Do-Follow” forums.

List of high PR forums

S.No      Forum Submission Sites

DA          PA

1             92           72

2                  93           61

3           62           54

4    84           69

5            82           53

  1. Blog Directory Submission

Directory Submission is constantly working to build quality backlinks. Choose an effective directory and select a proper category. It takes quite some time to deliver good results, but these results stand out over a longer period.

Free directory submission list

S.No      Blog Directory Submission Sites

DA          PA

1                 64           40

2                 53           46

3                  36           49

4              35           53

5                 34           54

  1. Article Submission

Submit your articles in a high PR article submission directory. You can also give links to your website. Make sure your content is unique and of high quality. Low-quality content and content that has more keyword stuffing might get rejected. Choose the correct category and give a good title to your content.

Free Article Submission sites


S.No      Article Submission Sites DA          PA

1       91           70

2                   87           72

3                 76           65

4           76           60

5            43           52

  1. Question and Answer

One of the best ways you can get high traffic is from question and answer websites. Join high PR question and answer sites and search for questions related to your business, blog, or website and give clear answers to these questions. Give a link to your website which will help in bringing you more visibility.

Question and Answer Websites

S.No      Question and Answer Sites          DA          PA

1                93           77

2          92           72

3                   92           73

4     65           51

5                  63           58

  1. Video Submission

If you want to make your videos popular, head to popular video submission sites. Give a proper title, description, tags, and reference links. It is one of the more popular ways to get quality backlinks because all video submission websites have high PR.

Video sharing sites

S.No      Video Submission Sites

DA          PA

1            99           100

2            97           96

3                 96           67

4    90           71

5          88           76

  1. Image Submission

Share your photos on popular image submission websites. Before submitting your images please optimize them with the correct URL and title tag. Before submitting your images, check if they have a proper title, description, and tags.

Image sharing sites

S.No      Image Submission Sites  DA          PA

1          94           79

2                 94           82

3     93           100

4                  92           95

5             92           82

  1. Infographics Submission

Make creative infographics. These days, infographics are getting popular on the internet. Submit your infographics on infographics submission websites and give reference links to your webpage or blog. The image sizes differ with different websites.

Infographics Submission Sites

S.No      Infographics Submission Sites

DA          PA

1       91           69

2     78           70

3        55           52

4     47           47

5          45           50

  1. Document Sharing

Create attractive documents relating to your business or blog. The documents should have unique content and should be in either pdf or ppt formats. Submit these documents in the document sharing websites.

Document Sharing Sites

S.No      Document Sharing Websites        DA          PA

1           95           85

2                94           82

3                94           80

4     93           73

5                  92           64

  1. Press Release

Press Release Websites

S.No      Press Release Websites  DA          PA

1      92           74

2    82           67

3              62           56

4               46           48

5          39           43

  1. Web2.0 Submission

Above all, Web2.0 is just another technique where we can create subdomains on a high domain authority website. For example, tumbler, blogger, WordPress, etc.,

Best Tips for web2.0:

Keep sharing the great content

Update the site regularly

Build backlink for the published article

  1. Use Google My Business

Google My Business is another Google product for free. Optimize this platform for the best local SEO ranking. There is n number of places where you can smartly optimize the content and links and from that, we can generate a decent number of social traffic and brand awareness.

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