SEO Resources to boost website speed and responsiveness in 2021

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SEO Resources to boost website speed and responsiveness in 2021

SEO Resources to boost website speed and responsiveness in 2021

SEO Resources to boost website speed and responsiveness in 2021
SEO Resources to boost website speed and responsiveness in 2021

So below, I have put in all the best articles and resources that I have read and implemented. I’ve found them to be the best of the best over many, many years of research.

Moz – The big daddy of SEO training, learning, and news. Moz is the biggest name in SEO tools and articles. If it’s happening in SEO, it’s being written about here.

QuickSprout – A blog written by a very successful online entrepreneur, Neil Patel. He doesn’t just talk about SEO, but a lot of it is SEO-related. Absolutely worth a read.


Backlinko – If you want to learn about link building, this is the place. Brian Dean is the king of link building and he teaches you all he knows within his blog. You could spend hours here reading and learning.


Search Engine Land – Another high-quality industry news website. Often more technical than other sites. More for those in the industry.

Search Engine Journal – This site has been around since the beginning and is still of high quality. They talk about more than just technical SEO, covering topics like content marketing, paid search, and social media.

Kissmetrics – They offer a range of tools for marketers but their blog is also of very high quality and a lot of it is SEO-related. I spend a few hours a week here.

Linkedin – We all know what Linkedin is, but what you may not have known is that Linkedin has a lot of great SEO groups that you can join and read and interact with. A lot of people are posting daily, really good articles and news related to SEO.


The links below are to specific articles. – If you are new to SEO and you want to learn the in’s and out’s from the very beginning, you should read this ASAP. – Schema is important for local businesses, review sites, recipe sites, etc and this article gives you a great primer on how to use it. – Another great article on the schema.

– This has nothing to do with SEO, but more life in general and business in general. Well written and will give you a kick up the bum. – A complete

beginner’s guide to link building. If you are new to the concept, give this a quick read. – If you have ever wanted to learn about advanced content writing and marketing, this is your guide. It’s more in-depth than most people would need, but it’s brilliant.

– Very advanced stuff on schema and generating rich snippets. 99% of this won’t apply to you unless you are doing advanced SEO. I included it for the 1%.

htm – An interesting take on a geek’s guide to gaming SEO and social algorithms.

good-SEO-friendly-articles – How to write good SEO articles from the powerhouses at

HTML – Same topic as above but specifically for WordPress. Really good article on on-page SEO with WordPress. – 21 actionable SEO techniques that you can implement now, from the brain of Brian Dean.

searchers-made-a-mobile-purchase-in-past-six-months/ – If you

are unsure why mobile responsiveness is so important, read this article.

12429 – A good series of tips for mobile SEO and a good video on the


for-search-engines/ – Optimize your mobile site for SEO. – The ultimate

guide to e-commerce SEO. Must read for anyone building e-commerce

sites or doing Ecommerce SEO!

site-using-on-page-SEO/ – Great video on how to do

great on-page SEO for e-commerce sites. – I’ve already

talked about how your title tags are super important in regards to your

SEO rankings, but this article takes it to another more advanced level. – One of my favorite articles of

all time on SEO without having to worry about link building. – While this book

is about SEO, I am a big fan of Facebook advertising for businesses of

any size. This article gives a good argument as to why you should be using

FB ads. – Great article on

advanced on-page SEO concepts.

– Looking to get rid of and or understand why your site or

sites were hit with Google penalties? Give this a read! –

Amazon has a massive search engine and user base, so if you are

selling any sort of product, you should be looking at Amazon as an

alternative to Google. Great article on how Amazon’s organic search


– One of my favorite articles on understanding the personas of your

customers and visitors. It is more than just keyword research! – 17 untapped

backlink sources by Brian Dean. If you’ve run out of link-building ideas,

try these. – One of the best SEO

articles of all time. 200 top Google ranking factors. While each ranking

factor is not described in a lot of detail, the list itself is pure gold. – One of Brian Dean’s most

famous articles. The Skyscraper Technique is a brilliant way to gain

backlinks and has become a staple of all SEO’ers. – Anatomy of a perfectly optimized

page. Looking for more information on doing great on-page SEO? This is

it! – A good in-depth beginner’s

guide to keyword research. I’d highly recommend this for anyone

struggling with keyword research.

11-questions-to-consider/ – Good questions to ask yourself if

you are looking to outsource your content marketing.

– The definitive guide to conversion optimization by Neil

Patel – The

advanced guide to link building by Neil Patel. –

The advanced guide to content marketing by Neil Patel. – The advanced

guide to SEO by Neil Patel. –

The beginners guide to online marketing by Neil Patel.

– The complete guide to building your blog audience by Neil

Patel. – A great overview of all of the different ranking

factors for local businesses.

DP/B014GQYBCG – This is my book on Amazon on how to do

perfect small & local business SEO. – Aaron Wall’s blog where he talks all

about SEO. Aaron Wall is a very respected name in SEO and a

blog you should check out. Pull’s no punches.

214050 – Really good article on WordPress SEO. Covers 10 very

important topics.

email-subscribers-for-less-than-350-9138a23d18b5#.ytiafb5d7 – Really

interesting article on how to use Slideshare to get visitors and get them to

take an action. – Facebook

is rolling out a new type of advertising called lead ads. If you like to get in

early on things, this is a good read. – 3 simple ways to get

quality backlinks without doing any ‘S

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