There are 7 steps to mental fitness in selling in 2021

steps to mental fitness in selling in 2021

There are 7 steps to mental fitness in selling in 2021

The 80 percent of success is mental and emotional, not technical and physical. The most important factor in sales success in any field,


  • in any economy,
  • in any market,
  • product or service,
  • self-confidence.
ike a force of nature
ike a force of nature

When you have an unshakable belief in yourself and your ability to succeed, you become invincible, like a force of nature.

 The higher your level of self-confidence, the bigger the goals you will set for yourself, the faster you will bounce back from rejection and disappointment, and the more you will achieve in a shorter period. What I also discovered was that self-confidence is determined by your courage. Your courage can be defined as “how much you like yourself.” The more you like yourself, the more confidence you have. The more you like yourself, the more you like other people, including your customers.

7 Steps to Mental Fitness

Your level of courage is your level of “mental fitness.” Mental fitness can be compared to physical fitness. Just as you become physically fit by doing a series of workouts, you become mentally fit by exercising mentally in a series of ways.

People with low courage cannot sell even in the very best of markets. Courage is the key.

There are 7 steps to mental fitness in selling and for
There are 7 steps to mental fitness in selling and for

There are 7 steps to mental fitness in selling and for improving how you think and feel about yourself and your potential.

To become the Best salesperson, you must be:

  1. Striving
  2. Brave
  3. Committed to your work
  4. Professional
  5. Responsible
  6. Thoroughly prepared for each call
  7. A continuous learner

By practicing each of these principles over and over, you will eventually get into the “mental Olympics” of selling.


They have an intense desire to be successful in selling. This is perhaps the most important quality of all for success in selling, or in any other field. After twenty-two years of studying the most successful people in America, Napoleon Hill concluded that “burning desire” was the starting point of all success and all riches. This has never changed throughout history.


They continually confront the fears that hold most people back. If ambition is the driving force of success, then courage is the way to unlock ambition because fear is the major obstacle to success. When I began studying the psychology of high performance, I was amazed to discover that fear of failure is the biggest single obstacle to success and happiness in adult life. It is not a failure.

 Everyone fails over and over. It is instead the thought or fear of failure that paralyzes performance. Fear of failure of any kind, even if imaginary, acts as a brake on your potential. It costs you from taking action. Fear of failure causes you to procrastinate, delay, and avoid any situation where you may not succeed, especially sales situations.



The most successful people in every field, including and especially sales, are committed to what they are doing. They put their whole hearts into their work and continually strive to do it well and to get better. There is a direct relationship between how much you believe in the goodness and importance of what you are doing and how persuasive you are in presenting and selling your products to others. To start with, the Best Salesmen or Saleswomen believe in their companies.


When I started out selling financial services, I put the words “Sales Representative” on my business cards. That was how I saw myself, and that was how my prospects and customers saw me as well. Then one day, I decided to change the description of myself to “Consultant.” I threw away my existing business cards and got new ones with the title “Financial Consultant” on the front of the card. It was quite amazing! From that day forward, I thought of myself as a consultant: as a professional adviser, counselor, and guide to my clients in helping to organize their financial lives and investments.

Consultants see themselves as working for the client, rather than for themselves. And the most interesting discovery is that customers will accept you at your evaluation of yourself. If you see yourself and think about yourself as a consultant, and describe yourself


The starting point of personal greatness is when you accept 100 percent responsibility for your life and for everything that happens to you. This is another area where the 80/20 rule comes into play. The Best 20 percent of performers in every field see themselves as self-employed. They see themselves as being in charge of their own lives. When you are self-employed, you see yourself as the president of a company with one employee—yourself.

Best Salesmen or Saleswomen do not criticize other people, especially their competitors. Best Salesmen or Saleswomen refuse to make excuses. Instead of making excuses, they make progress. Especially, self-responsible professionals do not blame anything in their lives on anyone or anything else. They repeat the words, “I am responsible! I am responsible! I am responsible!” over and over again throughout the day. Take Charge of Everything. As presidents of their personal services corporations, Best Salesmen or Saleswomen are in charge of every aspect of the business.

They are in charge of goal setting and strategic planning. They are responsible for quality control and continuous improvement. They are responsible for marketing, sales, and income generation. They are responsible for their finances and all of their activities. Especially, and most importantly, they are responsible for results.

 The more responsibility you accept personally, the more powerful you feel, which heightens your courage and self-confidence. The more you accept responsibility, the more positive you feel, and the more energy you have. The more energy you have, the more outwardly focused you are when it comes to getting busy and getting business results.


It seems that preparation is the mark of the true professional, in every field, especially sales. The more prepared you are before you meet with a customer, the greater your self-confidence and the better impression you make on the customer, especially in the first meeting. As I described in the book’s introduction, Best Salesmen or Saleswomen learn everything they can about their customers before they call on them.


The fact is that “to earn more, you must learn more.” There seems to be a direct relationship between how much you learn about how to do your job better and the size and growth of your income. You should spend thirty to sixty minutes each day reading sales books, preferably in the morning before you start.

Reading one or two chapters of a good sales book each morning translates into about one book a week, or fifty books a year. By reading regularly in your field, you will soon become one of the most knowledgeable and highest-paid Salesmen or Saleswomen in your industry. When I discovered the incredible power of reading sales books early in my career, it transformed my life. When I have encouraged other Salesmen or Saleswomen to read each day, they have reported back to me immediate increases in their sales, sometimes doubling and tripling their sales in as little as a month or two.

Try it yourself and see. Best Salesmen or Saleswomen also listen to educational audio programs in their cars, on their iPods or smartphones, and when exercising. They never miss a chance to learn something valuable and useful that can help them in their careers. The highest-paid Salesmen or Saleswomen also attend additional courses and seminars in selling and in their business fields.

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