What is the difference between a content strategist and a content writer?
What is the difference between a content strategies and a content writer?


Content strategist
Content strategist

A content strategist understands your products/services end-to-end & helps design a strategy for your business that propels you to achieve your content goals. This may include creating a content calendar, a content marketing funnel, and performing a content audit.


Content writer

Content writer
Content writer

A content writer converts your requirements into the specified content format like e-books, whitepapers, articles, blogs, newsletters, and social media posts. Each piece of content has a unique goal & addresses a specific topic, and so, a content writer is responsible for writing niche-specific, target-oriented copy.

Which is better for your brand – content strategist or writer?

There are a pair of possible scenarios here:

1- You’re just starting with content & marketing,
2- You have a decent online presence, but want to expand your content marketing efforts,
3- You already have a lot of content online but want targeted results from it like lead generation/conversion/sales.

In 1) you’d ideally need both, a content writer & a strategist.
In 2) you’d again need both, a content writer & a strategist.
In 3) you’d need an experienced content strategist who truly understands your goals.


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